A N.Y.C Girl Living in Turkey

Photoshoot in Kadikoy, Istanbul

When I was a little girl I used to daydream about living in different cities all over the world. Born and raised in NYC, I was always surrounded by diverse peoples and cultures. Everyone knows New York city is a special place. But, what I personally love most about NYC is that you get to experience the various cultures of the world all in one place. As I was growing up, commuting through the city, I would observe people and wonder what would it be like to live in their home country? This is the question that inspired me to do more than just travel but go on a quest to experience living in foreign cities.

Now, I live in Istanbul, Turkey.

Istanbul is such an amazing city. It makes me feel alive the way New York City does. There’s lots of traffic and locals walking through traffic because it’s a fast-paced city and they gotta keep movin’. Ever since I moved here in September 2021, I have discovered the best spots for food, shopping, and relaxation.

Shot in front of the vintage eyewear store where I got my sunglasses.

I move around the city without understanding the Turkish language (I’m learning Turkish though). The majority of Turkish people do not speak English but I find that the majority are always willing to help you regardless of a language barrier.

Peaking through a vintage eyewear store in Kadikoy, Istanbul

A language barrier does not phase your girl one bit. Each day, I navigate through this city with the knowing that I can trust the universe to put helpful angels on my path to help me. I always get everything that I need here. I’ve watched Turks go above and beyond to welcome me and assure that I am satisfied. Teşekkürler. (It means Thank you in Turkish)

Before you go I want to make a disclaimer that this is not a post to promote relocating to Turkey. This city is not for everyone. If you’re considering moving here, do your research and be sure to follow your intuition for guidance.

Got a question about living abroad? Drop it in the comments section here or on my Instagram @heykimberlyp.p


  1. Hi Kimberly, I found this post on a search for perspectives of black women in Turkiye, because i will be visiting in a few weeks. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing. Your ease reminded me to lean to adventure.


    • Absolutely Mimi!! I have left the country but I am thrilled to hear that you’ll be visiting. There are so many awesome things to do and they’re super affordable. Cheers to adventure


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