Hopping Continents in Turkey

Besides the fact that you find delicious pomegranates in abundance here, the other reason why I love living in Turkey is because of its geography. Turkey is located at the center of the world. If you were to take a look on Google maps, you could see that the country is between Europe and Asia. Istanbul is the bridge between the two continents, which means you could hop from Europe to Asia within 15 minutes.

You don’t need your passport to hop back and forth because you would still be in Turkey. There are ferries all over the city that get you over the continents. The ferry rides are inexpensive and open for everyone to commute as long as you have the city’s transit card.

The ferry ride has become more than a mode of transportation for me while living here. Each time I take the ferry I suddenly feel this sense of serenity… this feeling of calmness within a chaotic city. Since the energy of water purifies you, it’s like I take the ferry ride to purify whatever is on my mind and refresh my thoughts. I like to take the ferries every week just for this therapeutic experience.

How does being near the ocean or water make you feel? Is it necessary for you to live or be close to a big body of water?






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