Is Istanbul safe?

I often get asked the question: Is Istanbul safe? Is it safe for black women?

My direct answer to this question is that your experience in every city will directly reflect your subconscious beliefs. I have a safe experience in Istanbul because I have trained my mind to believe that it is safe. Ever since I have been aware of the truth that your reality is determined by the story you tell, I have chosen to disregard most peoples’ opinion of any city and I live by my own thoughts of the city. As a result, my experience living here has been really chill, comfortable, and fun for me.

The real dangers in every city are the people who will approach you with their fears and warn you to be watchful of their own fears. Your subconscious mind is always open to absorbing all kinds of information and is always absorbing information with no filter. You want to be careful with your mind out there. Your subconscious mind will draw to your life whatever it is that you accept and agree to be truth for you. You have got to be watchful of your fears and the fears of people who surround you more than anything else in any city. Be aware that if you find yourself in danger, you are only meeting your fears.

Trying on a beautiful blue suit in IPEKYOL -a Turkish brand

There are weirdos here the same way that there are some weirdos in your city. I have encountered some weirdos who tried to offer me money in exchange for sex and I shouted “hayir” which mean “no” in Turkish. I could’ve easily gotten twisted and made a big brawl in the streets but I decided to check myself instead. I had to check my thoughts and fears because I know attracted this experience somehow. Don’t get me wrong now, I am not suggesting that you should let every inappropriate act slide. What I’m saying is that you should always check your thoughts at the end of the day.

Loving the red color in my hair with this beautiful blue suit

What are your affirmations for when you travel? Please share some in the comments.

Another thing I want to point out is that if you happen to be around someone who is expressing their fears to you, remember that the fear is theirs and not yours. Affirm “only what I choose to believe is true is real”. I like to go back and reflect after I’ve had a conversation with someone to check and see what my subconscious mind may have absorbed from the conversation. Only my own ideas of truth are allowed to rent space in my mind. That being said, if an idea doesn’t resonate with positivity when it comes to living here, I kick that b*tch out quickly.

FYI: I am not an average travel influencer. Behind the scenes of my travels, I spend the majority of my time studying about the laws of attraction, metaphysics, and neuroscience. By following my blog, you will learn more about my unconventional approach to traveling this world with faith. Thank you for reading this post. Super excited to see you in the next one.






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