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I can babble all day about moving abroad. There are sooo many wonderful things and miracles to experience abroad. I cannot contain the excitement I feel for the people who tell me that they are finally going to move. For those of you who have been with me for years, you know that I took a leap of faith and moved abroad with very little money and no plan. I have shared the story here and many of you have been amazed by the way things panned out for me. Long story short… when I had just $1 left in my pocket and no idea how I’d make it on the island, God/the universe rolled out the red carpet for me. The next thing I knew I was waking up to lush green views of nature, eating 3 delicious meals prepared with love each day, and the best part- all of the expenses were fully covered for the year. Ever since this experience, I have kept my practice of using faith to manifest miracles in the face of challenges or circumstances. My process has proven to work numerous times and I am super excited to share the practical steps with you in my newest “Guide to Moving Abroad with Faith”. Grab your copy, read it, then flood my DMs with packing pictures because you’re moving after this!

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