I Moved Back to Mexico

Beautiful lush green trees, jungle vibes, soothing sunsets, and great TLC from the most loving people. Ahh Mexico, mi amor, I am back. I have changed so much within the last two years.

Back in 2021, I decided to leave Mexico to explore living in Europe. But I’ve discovered that living in Europe just isn’t right for me. When I moved to Mexico for the first time, I had just $100 and my suitcase. I didn’t have a plan nor a job lined up for me. I took a leap of faith even though I had never been to Mexico before and spoke very little Spanish. Things panned out amazing for me. You can read more about how I moved to Mexico with only $100 here.

God rolled out the red carpet for me.

Mexico and Mexicans were so good to me while I lived here. Rivera Maya is a destination where I feel at ease, comforted, and experience pure bliss. I lived in a city known as Playa del Carmen which is in between the famous Tulum and Cancun. I spent the majority of my time in the Playa del Carmen area. There aren’t as many large hotels as Cancún and Tulum so it felt a lot more cozier especially since I was living amongst the locals. This was ideal for me. I wanted to get familiar with the locals and practice speaking Spanish with them.

Living here was awesome. So I have decided to return. One of my favorite things to do was pop into different spas and restaurants in Playa. Here are some of the spots you have check out when you get here.

It’s so wonderful to be back in Mexico with a better understanding of who I am, what I love, and plans to co-create magic with the universe.







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