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  • I Moved Back to Mexico

    Beautiful lush green trees, jungle vibes, soothing sunsets, and great TLC from the most loving people. Ahh Mexico, mi amor, I am back. I have changed so much within the last two years. Back in 2021, I decided to leave Mexico to explore living in Europe. But I’ve discovered that living in Europe just isn’t […]

  • Reviewing All The Cities that I’ve Lived In.

    Reviewing All The Cities that I’ve Lived In.

    If you have stayed in a city for almost a month or more, you can claim that you lived in that city. Periodt! Don’t let anybody tell you anything different! That being said, I have lived in New York City, Northern Tuscany, Italy, Atlanta, Montreal, Canada, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, Lisbon, Portugal, and Istanbul, Turkey. […]

  • Cost of living in Istanbul, Turkey

    Istanbul, Turkey is pretty affordable for a U.S person. When you convert US Dollars to Turkish Lira, you’ll notice your money goes a long way here compared to states. And I cannot hide that I have been using this money to ball out and live as a Queen should. Rent: I have a beautiful three […]