• Is Istanbul safe?

    Is Istanbul safe?

    I often get asked the question: Is Istanbul safe? Is it safe for black women? My direct answer to this question is that your experience in every city will directly reflect your subconscious beliefs. I have a safe experience in Istanbul because I have trained my mind to believe that it is safe. Ever since […]

  • Hopping Continents in Turkey

    Besides the fact that you find delicious pomegranates in abundance here, the other reason why I love living in Turkey is because of its geography. Turkey is located at the center of the world. If you were to take a look on Google maps, you could see that the country is between Europe and Asia. […]

  • A N.Y.C Girl Living in Turkey

    A N.Y.C Girl Living in Turkey

    When I was a little girl I used to daydream about living in different cities all over the world. Born and raised in NYC, I was always surrounded by diverse peoples and cultures. Everyone knows New York city is a special place. But, what I personally love most about NYC is that you get to […]

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